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Latest Supplement Video Reviews NOV2013Hey folks, I just wanted to post this because I’ve been doing a massive (no pun intended) amount of supplement reviews over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been extremely fortunate lately as a few supplement companies have been sending me their products to try and review. And everything that I’ve tried lately has been solid and the results are living up to the claims. I guess if you have a crappy supplement you’re not going to send it to something to actually try it and review it based on their results.

I’m going to provide links below to each supplement review page that I’ve done recently. On each web page, you’ll also find the YouTube supplement review video embedded. And as always there are links to purchase each supplement. You’ll notice I only work with companies that provide first class service and the lowest prices for supplements.

New Bodybuilding Supplement Video Reviews

EVL (Evlution Nutrition) – ENGN: This is a new pre workout supplement that gives you sustainable energy and crazy pumps from a new supplement company called EVL.

EVL (Evlution Nutrition) – RE-BLD: New post workout supplement from EVL, makers of ENGN, that’s simple with no fillers, and extremely effective with high quality ingredients.

Purus Labs – Condense: Amazing pre workout supplements that has the effective dosages of superior ingredients that helps increase energy, blood flow, and oxygen.

Universal Nutrition – Animal Test: I’ve had my written review out there for a while but just created my Animal Test video review, which is embedded in the written review. This is video review is based on my 3rd time taking Animal Test.

Universal Nutrition – GH Max: Like Animal Test, my GH Max written review has been out there for a while but I created my GH Max video review a few days ago.

So there you have it, 5 new supplement video reviews on 5 powerful supplements. Condense (pre workout), RE-BLD (post workout), and GH Max (before bed) are part of my current stack (which I’ll be posting soon). I was taking ENGN for my pre workout before and just finished Animal Test last week. I’m currently taking another test booster called D-POL from Purus Labs which I’ll be posting very soon!

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