November 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s November 2013 Supplement Stack

Nov 2013 Supplement StackIt’s time to share my supplement stack with you for November 2013! And as you’ll notice from the pic I’m trying out a few new supplements as well as going back to a few old ones I’ve taken in the past. As of last month I had intended on doing another round of Animal Test from Universal Nutrition. But that plan changed when Purus Labs sent me their potent testosterone booster called D-POL which is what I’m taking now. I’m also trying their pre workout supplement, Condense. This stuff is pretty awesome so far.

I’m still taking the new EVL supplements, RE-BLD and A-10 for my post workout. These two supplements have been a part of my post workout for over 2 months now. I’ve got my trusted Dymatize Elite Whey in the mix and also still taking Universal Animal Pak. I’m continuing with Universal GH Max as well. My sleep has substantially improved, I wake up rested, and my workouts are more intense. I’ll be ordering another container of GH Max soon.

Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition GH Max

EVL RE-BLD (post workout)

EVL A-10 (post workout)

Purus Labs Condense

Purus Labs D-POL

That sounds like a lot of supplements and it is more than what I usually take at one time. The biggest product types I’ve added lately is a testosterone and GH booster. These are supplements that help create an environment to raise natural GH and test levels. Don’t confuse this with taking actual real HGH or steroids, or even pro hormones. These are meant to be legal HGH and steroid alternatives. Obviously the effects are mild compared to the real stuff; we all know that. However, I am seeing some substantial benefits from the natural test and GH stack.

Also, be sure to check out my last post on the latest supplement video reviews. Some of the supplements in this stack are included:

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