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ASR Hyper Gain Black – Finally Here!

ASR Hyper Gain BlackIt’s finally here, Hyper Gain Black from ASR. ASR is known for their original version of Hyper Gain which has been a tremendous success in the bodybuilding and strength training community. Hyper Gain Black has the core ingredients of the original Hyper Gain but it also fortified with some more proven ingredients that build muscle, boosts testosterone, and even boost natural growth hormone levels.

Hyper Gain Black has been selling out and in fact, they could very well be out of stock (I just checked the site and they’re on back-order). I do know ASR is manufacturing more. Bottom line is folks have been waiting for this for months. With the success of the original Hyper Gain, Hyper Gain Black promises even more muscle gains. I haven’t tried it yet but I will admit I’m a bit anxious.

What’s Different About Hyper Gain Black?

The biggest question is what’s the difference between Hyper Gain and the new Hyper Gain Black? Hyper Gain is still one of the top creatine-based supplements out there which contains Kre-Alkalyn. There’s also some ingredients that help boost natural testosterone levels. Hyper Gain Black is a beefed up version and here’s a few of the benefits.

> Drastically increases growth hormone production

> Ingredients that enhance nutrient partitioning allowing your carbs to build muscle rather than being stored as fat.

> Huge increase in explosive power allowing you to train harder and heavier.

> Increased Luteinizing Hormone which leads to boosting testosterone levels.

> Increased protein synthesis and cell volumizing for insane pumps in the gym.

The new Hyper Gain Black is powered by 3 prominent blends:

1) Kre-Alkalyn – this is known to be the superior version of creatine, pH buffered and 100% absorbed leading to more muscle energy and strength gains.

2) Creatine MagnaPower – another type of enhanced creatine that allows for maximum ATP generation.

3) AlphaSize – blend of ingredients that increases explosive power and allows you to push through more sets and reps.

Hyper Gain Black Review

I have not yet tried Hyper Gain Black but I will be trying it soon (look for it in my January 2014 supplement stack). I’ve taken the original Hyper Gain several times in the past, which you’ve all probably seen my review on that (if not, check it out – ASR Original Hyper Gain). I should have a review of Hyper Gain Black in the beginning of next year once I’ve taken it for a few weeks.

There are some sick deals from ASR for the new Hyper Gain Black. Check those out here:

New Hyper Gain Black

ASR Hyper Gain Black

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