About the Supplements I Promote

About My Supplement Promotions

Here’s the post where I tell you what most bodybuilding and fitness sites won’t. Yes, there are a small hand full of supplements I promote and yes, I get compensated for promoting some of these products. And yes, I’ve tried (or currently taking) the supplements I promote. Every website you go to has some sort of product they’re promoting and more than likely either get paid when you click on the advertisement or they get commissions for purchases after going through their website. Working out has always been one of my passions and I enjoy sharing information that helps other people. I’ve also made it into a business.

The downside to most websites in general is half of the time people running the site have no clue what they’re promoting nor have they actually used the product. This is especially true with supplements. There are hundreds of supplements out there. Some supplements work great while others are just pure crap. This is why you won’t see a ton of different supplement promotions on my website. In fact, the only promotions you’ll see are for supplements that I’ve actually tried. And they don’t all get great ratings from me. If you’ve seen some of my supplement video reviews you know that I don’t praise every single supplement I try.

There are two specific supplements that I tend to push. TestoFuel and ASR Hyper Gain. Both of these supplements can only be bought directly from the manufacturer. There are many direct supplements that have tried to mimic TestoFuel and Hyper Gain but you won’t find them on TheMuscleProgram.com. I’ve weeded through a lot of supplements before I discovered these.

TestoFuel – Best Natural Testosterone Booster

I discovered TestoFuel in December of 2012 (about a year ago) as the owner of this company contacted me wanting me to try the product. I was indeed skeptical at first as I had been disappointed in most natural testosterone boosters. However, TestoFuel gained my respect in many ways. For starters, their ingredients and the amounts are posted cleared on the label. The ingredients are proven to boost testosterone levels and from what I could tell they seem to be pure and of high quality. Most importantly, TestoFuel works; I actually got noticeable results in body composition and strength gains.

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TestoFuel Review | Natural Testosterone Booster

ASR Hyper Gain – Best Creatine Muscle Builder

I tried ASR Hyper Gain in early 2013. I ordered this after reading several articles and reviews. I wasn’t sure if it was all hype but it seemed that a lot of serious bodybuilders and strength trainers were using Hyper Gain. I bought my first bottle which was buy one get one free. I took one and gave the other bottle of Hyper Gain to my training partner, who is extremely skeptical of bodybuilding supplements in general. After the first week he and I both were noticing an increase in strength and muscle endurance. Needless to say I stayed on this for a while and still take it off and on.

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HyperGain Review

So there you have it, the two prominent supplements I regularly promote. I also do reviews on the normal supplements you can buy at the store (mainly because I have companies send me these to try). I’ve come across some great supplements and of course there are some that’s done nothing for me. But TestoFuel and Hyper Gain are two supplements that have proven to be reputable muscle builders in my book. Also note that these companies are not affiliated so you’ll have to purchase them separately if you decide to try them. Check out my reviews on both TestoFuel and Hyper Gain above.

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