2014 Diet Plan

Jason’s 2014 Diet and Nutrition Plan

Jason Stallworth and Whole Eggs Diet PlanI’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions but the beginning of each year indeed brings on the urge to make changes. Diet is probably one of the major new year’s resolutions for many. But what exactly are those changes? I’m going to present my 2014 nutrition plan, which hasn’t changed much from what I’ve been doing.

This may not be the typical diet plan you see in magazines or other websites. Granted, many of those plans are solid. In fact, I think most diet plans out there prove to be decent plans. But what I’m presenting is more of a nutrition guide. There are certain types of foods I want to make sure I consume daily. My goal this year is not only to grow more muscle but also to make sure I’m getting the nutrients my body needs to recover and stay healthy.

2014 Diet Plan & Nutrition Guide

This is a sample diet I plan on sticking to during the week. My weekend diet will be more relaxed yet I’ll still make sure I get adequate protein intake and nutrients. There are key foods I want to make sure I get each day such as eggs, flaxseed, some type of fruit (specifically bananas and dark berries, whey protein, and a few others. This diet plan does not include supplements (with the exception of the amino acids listed).

Meal 1 – 4:30 AM – pre workout
Whey protein
Amino acids (BCAAs)
Meal 2 – 6:45 AM – post workout
Whey protien
Dark berry mix
Amino acids (BCAAs)
2 teaspoons of natural honey
Meal 3 – 7:30 AM
3-4 whole eggs
Grits (1-2 packets)
Juice (OJ)
Meal 4 – 11:30 AM
Chicken or Lean Beef
Rice or whole wheat pasta
Beans (only with rice)
Meal 5 – 3:30 PM
Whey protein
Natural peanut butter
Meal 6 – 6:00 PM
Chicken or Lean Beef
Rice or whole wheat pasta
Sweet Potato (only with rice)
Meal 7 – 9:00 PM
Whey protein or eggs
Natural peanut butter (only with whey)

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This diet plan is by no means perfect and it may not work for everyone. I find that I do very well with a high protein diet, moderate carbs and adequate portions of healthy fats. I’ve done the high protein, high fat, and low carb but that diet only depleted my energy and made me lose muscle. I feel better with a more balances diet, eating plenty of carbs but not overdoing it. Another goal is to cut out foods that are processed and those that contain refined sugars. I do really well with rice (even white rice), beans and sweet potatoes. I also like to include a few meals with whole wheat pasta (I usually cook this with meatballs made from lean ground beef or ground turkey).

My protein sources will mainly be from lean cuts of beef or steak, pork and turkey. I will have chicken as well, but I’m not a huge fan of chicken. I don’t dislike it; I just get tired of it very quickly. I’ll also have whey protein several times a day. These are usually shakes I make which include other whole foods such as fruits and/or peanut butter. I used to make them with milk but I cut milk about 6 months ago and noticed an immediate change in body composition. Whey protein shake mixed with whole foods coincide with my schedule and it’s a convenient way to get a meal in.

I’ll have some healthy fats such as natural peanut butter and flaxseed. I’ll also get some fats from whatever meat I’m eating, especially with pork or beef, even though I generally choose lean cuts. I also eat whole eggs daily which contain healthy fats along with other important nutrients and amino acids.

That’s my basic diet plan I’ll stick to during the week. This isn’t a major change from what I’ve been doing. The biggest change was cutting the milk from my protein shakes over the summer. My stomach has stayed leaner since then. Milk can thicken your skin and I was holding more water weight with it. I’m not a competitive bodybuilder so I don’t plan on eating so strict that I can’t enjoy life. On weekends we like to try different authentic restaurants and I also enjoy an occasional beer or two (or perhaps more).

Train (and eat) with Passion,


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