March 2014 Supplement Stack

Jason’s Supplement Stack – March 2014

March 2014 Supplement Stack - Featuring Gaspari Supplements and ASR Hyper Gain BlackI missed posting my supplement stack last month but it was pretty much the same as the previous one. I just got my box of supplements I ordered a few days ago and tomorrow I will start my new stack. Every now and then I like to take several supplements from the same company. I’ve done this a few times with Universal supplements and my regular stack usually consists of 2 Dymatize supplements (their Elite whey and Recoup). This time I’m taking 4 supplements from Gaspari Nutrition: Superdrive, Aminolast, Anavite, and their glutamine.

As far as the types of supplements for this month, I haven’t strayed far from what I normally take. However, I’m adding two new products I’ve never tried before. One if Gaspari’s glutamine supplement which I’ll take about 10 grams with my post workout aminos (Aminolast) and another 10 grams before bed. The other new supplement I’m taking is ASR Hyper Gain Black. This is the new version of Hyper Gain, which I’ve taken a few times in the past. Hyper Gain Black just recently came out the end of 2013 if I’m not mistaken. My first order came in last week.

March 2014 Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

ASR Hyper Gain Black

Gaspari Superdrive (pre workout)

Gaspari Aminolast (pre and post workout)

Gaspari Glutamine (post workout and before bed)

Gaspari Anavite (multi-vitamin)

Spring Valley Fish Oil

I haven’t taken glutamine on it’s own in several years. I’ve been getting my glutamine from whatever BCAA supplement I’m taking. Most BCAA products have added glutamine but it’s usually only about 2.5 grams. In my past experience I’ve gotten better results from 10 grams. Gaspari Anavite is one of the better multi-vitamins out there because it contains full doses of some other supplements that you would normally have to buy on their own, and they can be costly. As I’ve taken this before, you can check out my review here: Jason’s Gaspari Anavite Review.

I’m also excited about the new Hyper Gain Black. As I said earlier, I’ve taken the original version of Hyper Gain a few times and had noticeable results. This is one of the products I heavily endorse and there’s a reason. I’ve had several people I know personally try Hyper Gain and though the results were different for each individual, no one had anything negative to say. This new Hyper Gain Black has some added compounds and is said to be even more potent. I’ll have a full review posted soon. You can read more about Hyper Gain Black here: ASR Hyper Gain Black.

That’s it for this month’s supplement stack. I plan on staying on this stack for a couple of months but will post another update in April.

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