Shredded Back Workout

Jason’s Shredded Back Workout

Lat Pulldowns | Back Workout | Back Exercises | Jason Stallworth | TheMuscleProgram.comI’m calling this morning’s workout my shredded back workout. Lately my goal with my back workouts has been to bring out more detail in my muscles. I’ve said it time and time again, I love lifting heavy for the most part, but the back is such a complex muscle group. It takes more than just throwing around heavy weights to build the muscle tissue and define your back muscles.

The basis of this morning’s shredded back workout was to throw in a variety of techniques. I’ll throw in the details below, but this workout was a mixture of drop sets, rest-pause sets, uni-lateral sets, and straight sets using different rep ranges. This led to a tremendous pump in my back muscles.

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Shredded Back Workout

Seated Rows: 4 sets x 8-12 reps – triple drop set on final set

Chest Supported Rows: 3 rest pause sets x 15, 7, 4 reps each set *

Hammer Strength Rows: 4 uni-lateral sets x 15 reps (each arm)

Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets x 8 reps

Behind the Neck Pulldowns: 3 sets x 12 reps

The first exercise, seated rows, ended with a triple drop set. I had my workout partner drop the weight about 30 % for each drop set. The 2nd exercise, chest supported rows, consisted of 3 rest-pause sets, which actually results in 9 sets total. My rest pause sets are 3 sets in 1, using the same weight, with a 7 second rest between those sets. This method is a great way to get more reps and volume while moving a decent amount of weight. This is one of my favorite weight training techniques. If you have never tried them, I certainly recommend that you do.

I went to the Hammer Strength plate-loaded row machine next, which Hammer Strength is right up there with free weights as far as effectiveness, in my opinion. I hit 4 uni-lateral sets. This machine allows each arm to be independent. So I pull both arms back and perform 5 reps with each arm back to back 3 times, getting 15 total reps for each arm. While one arm is working I’m holding the other arm in the pulled position. This keeps tension on the muscle. My last 2 exercises were straight sets of a mixture of lat pulldowns (one in front, and one behind).

I also hit some traps and calves this morning followed by my usual cardio. I did 4 sets of plate-loaded machine shrugs followed by 3 sets of 22 reps with dumbbell shrugs. After that I performed 7 sets of seated calve raises. I was in the gym for a total of an hour and a half (this includes cardio time), which seems to be the norm these days.

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