Legs Twice a Week Workout Routine

Jason’s Current Workout Program

Hack SquatsIt’s been a while since I’ve posted my current workout program and one of the reasons is I’ve been changing my workout routine quite frequently. I hit each body part once a week for a few weeks then reverted to a 4-day split where as I start over on the 5th day, taking weekends off. Then I went back to training everything within 4 days and using the 5th day to hit a second round of chest, back, and biceps. Now I’m getting ready to do something completely different.

There are a couple of key goals I’m hoping to achieve here. One is obviously to add both size and definition to my quads and hams by hitting them twice a week. I’ll start one leg workout with hamstrings followed by quads and the 2nd leg workout will be quads followed by hams. Another goal is I’ll have more rest for my upper body so I’m hoping to see some results there as well.

Legs 2x Per Week Workout Routine

Monday – Back and Arms
Back: 4-5 exercises x 3-4 sets
Triceps: 2 exercises x 4 sets
Biceps: 2 exercises x 3 sets

Tuesday – Legs
Hamstrings: 3 exercises x 4-5 sets
Quads: 4 exercises x 4-5 sets

Wednesday – Chest and Traps
Chest: 4-5 exercises x 3-4 sets
Traps: 1-2 exercises x 3-4 sets

Thursday – Shoulders and Arms
Shoulders: 3-4 exercises x 3-4 sets
Triceps: 2 exercises x 4 sets
Biceps: 2 exercises x 3 sets

Friday – Legs
Quads: 4-5 exercises x 4-5 sets
Hamstrings: 3 exercises x 3-4 sets

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This is basically a layout of the muscle groups I’ll be working with the expected number of exercises and sets. This may vary. I often implement a variety of weight training techniques in my workouts such as drop sets, rest pause sets, supersets, etc. For example, there are times I may want to use the 10 x 10 German Volume Training concept. This is especially true for legs where I may do more sets and reps, and overall volume.

I didn’t list the exercises as those are usually random for me as I go by instinct. I like having the basic plan on what muscle I’m training each day but I often won’t decide the exercises and all until that morning on my way to the gym. I go by how I feel and what I need to do to get the most effective workout that day. But for the most part I stick with the basic exercises.

I’ll also be hitting calves anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week as well as finishing with my usual cardio routine. Lately I’ve been doing the HIIT style cardio training on the stationary bike. On leg day I may just do a medium-paced ride for 20 or so minutes though. I hope to see some serious growth from this new workout routine!

Train with Passion,


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