Quads and Back Workout

Controlled Reps for Quads and Back

Today was my scheduled 2nd leg workout of the week but I decided to change it a little. I wanted to do a quick workout for my quads only (no hamstrings) and also felt like hitting a little extra back (I hit back on Monday). So I chose 2 exercises for quads and did multiple sets, and 3 exercises for back for a few sets each.

I’m getting back to using controlled reps. I was doing that several months ago and noticed a huge (pun intended) difference in my physique. My muscles were more dense looking and I was liking the muscle shape that seemed to be coming from this training style. Over the past few weeks it seems I had gotten away from using controlled reps and found myself just going through the motions. It’s time to get back to focusing on the muscle and making it grow.

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Get Ripped, Get Shredded
Get Ripped, Get Shredded

Quads and Back Workout


Leg Extensions: 5 controlled-rep sets x 15 reps, 1 pump set x 25 reps

Leg Press: 5 controlled-rep sets x 12 reps, 1 pump set x 25 reps


Hammer Strength High Rows: 3 controlled-rep sets x 15 reps

Lat Pulldowns: 3 controlled-rep sets x 10 reps

Hammer Strength Low Rows (one-arm): 3 controlled-rep sets x 15 reps

I threw in what I call a pump set for the final set of my quad exercises. These are just higher rep sets with a faster pace. Although I get a great pump from using controlled reps, these pump sets are good for finishing. I didn’t use these for back because by that time I was tired. That’s the thing about controlled reps; you wear down faster because you’re truly working the muscle.

I didn’t do any cardio today. In fact, as I’m typing this I just finished doing yard work (mowing the lawn and doing some landscaping). That was my cardio out in the hot Florida sun in the middle of August.

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