September 2014 Supplement Stack

Jason’s September 2014 Supplement Stack

I know the month of September is almost over but I wanted to squeeze in the supplements I’ve been taking. I actually have enough of the same supplements to last through October with the exception of one. I went back to using mostly Universal Nutrition supplements (and their Animal line). Maybe it’s mental or their hardcore advertising, but I’ve always felt a little stronger when I’m taking Universal sups.

Even though I switched up my brands I’m still sticking with the basics for pre and post workout times (energy, BCAAs, creatine). I did list one product I’m taking that I’ve taken once before. It’s a pro hormone called Titan from Warrior Labz. I’ll elaborate more on that below.

September 2014 Supplement Stack

Current Supplements

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Universal Animal Rage XL: pre workout

Universal Atomic 7 (BCAAs): pre and post workout

Universal Storm: post workout

Universal Animal Pak (multi-vitamin)

Twin Lab Omega 3 Fish Oil

Warrior Labz Titan

Ok, so the pro-hormone I’m taking called Titan is pretty potent. It’s actually a blend of 4 pro hormones in 1. I got substantial results the first time I took it so I’m on it again. The thing is you don’t wanna stay on this stuff for too long. Last time I stayed on for 7 weeks and stopped because I started feeling lethargic and just tired all the time. I actually don’t even take the recommended dose now (2 capsules per day instead of 3). I’m still seeing decent results without the side effects.

My Animal Rage pre workout must have been either old or something happened to this particular batch. It’s not providing the boost I’m used to. This is the new Rage XL. I didn’t research what changed. I’m just assuming I got a bad batch. It happens.

That’s it for this month’s supplement stack. Next month with be the same minus the Titan pro hormone. I’ll also be starting a new fat burner called Instant Knock Out. I’m pretty excited about that although it means I should probably eat a little more strict than I have been. Here’s more info on that: Instant Knock Out fat burner.

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