Instant Knock Out Day 1

Instant Knock Out Fat Burner – Day 1

Instant Knock OutI started taking my new fat burner this morning, Instant Knock Out. The purpose of this post is to give you some details about my goals, training plan, and nutrition plan that I’ll be on for the next month. That being said, I’m really not changing much. The only thing I plan on doing different is cleaning up my diet a little. But I will not be making any drastic changes.

As far as goals with Instant Knock Out, I’m not trying to lose weight or make any substantial changes. My purpose is to continue gaining muscle while gaining more muscle definition by cutting a little body fat.

Jason’s Instant Knock Out Training Plan

My training will not change at all. I’ll still be hitting each muscle once a week. I’ll also be doing my normal 30 minutes of cardio about 4 times a week. I’ll hit calves 3-4 times a week and abs 1-2 times a week.

Monday – Back, cardio

Tuesday – Shoulders/traps, cardio

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday – Chest, cardio

Friday – Arms, cardio

Saturday/Sunday – Off

Jason’s Instant Knock Out Diet Plan

I may take some crap for this but I don’t plan to make any substantial changes to my nutrition plan while I’m taking Instant Knock Out. And for my personal goals, I really don’t need to. I’m not training for any sort of competition and I’ll be honest, I enjoy food. That being said, I don’t eat crap all the time either. I get plenty of protein each day as well as healthy carbs and fats. I eat semi-strict during the week and relax a bit on the weekends. I may tighten up a little here and there, but again, no substantial changes.

4:30AM – pre workout – BCAAs, Instant Knock Out, pre workout mix

7:00AM – protein shake (2 scoops of whey, berries, banana)

8:00AM – 4 whole eggs, 2 packets of grits or oatmeal

11:30AM – beef or chicken, rice

3:30PM – protein shake (2 scoops of whey, banana, peanut butter)

6:00PM – beef or chicken, rice

9:30PM – 2 scoops of whey with a teaspoon of peanut butter (occasional bowl of cereal)

Instant Knock Out Supplement Plan

Now I want to cover all of the supplements I’ll be taking while I’m on Instant Knock Out. Like my training and diet plan, my supplement regimen will pretty much remain the same as well.

Pre Workout – Animal Rage

BCAAs (pre and post workout) – Universal Atomic 7

Fat Burner – Instant Knock Out

Creatine – Universal Storm

Protein – Dymatize Elite Whey

Vitamins – Animal Pak

Fish Oil – Twin Lab Omega 3 Fish Oil

I’m taking Instant Knock Out as recommended, 1 capsule 4 times per day. I take one upon waking before I train, and the others a couple of hours apart from one another. The last one I take is around 3:30PM as I go to bed pretty early. Since it’s the first day I can’t attest to any type of results or review. More to come!

More Details on Instant Knock Out here

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