Monday Morning Back Workout

First Workout of the Week

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to my first workout of the week; back day. I’m always excited about back day. I’m coming off of a 2 day break from the gym, the weekend, and usually I’ve eaten a substantial amount of food. So I’m rested up with plenty of fuel, and ready to train the upper body’s largest muscle group.

I kept things moving for this morning’s back workout. My rest times between sets were less than a minute and I kept the reps fairly high. My goal is to go for the pump and make sure I feel the muscle working rather than just moving weight. I that note, I didn’t focus on the amount of weight I was using. I used enough weight for it to be challenging but without sacrificing form and being able to control the weight.

Monday Morning Back Workout

Back Exercises

Seated Rows: 5 sets x 20 reps

Hammer Strength Rows: 3 sets x 15 reps

superset with

Barbell Rows: 3 sets x 15 reps

Cable (individual) Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets x 12 reps

Cable Pullovers: 4 sets x 15 reps

Hammer Strength Low Rows: 3 sets x 15 reps

Calves Exercises

Standing Calve Raises: 6 sets *

* The first 3 sets were rest-pause sets with heavier weight; the final 3 sets were 25 reps each with lighter weight

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I’ve found that starting my back workouts with several high rep sets (usually 20 reps) really gets the blood flowing and allows for a solid warm up. I normally do the same for legs with leg extensions. I get more out of the remaining exercises, even when I go heavier, when I start out with these high rep sets.

I did supersets for my 2nd and 3rd exercises. I started on the Hammer Strength Row machine which really allows you to hit the lats directly. I’d perform a set of that followed by a superset with barbell rows. I used light weight for barbell rows. I’ve been somewhat babying my lower back lately and these can take a toll on your lower back if you’re not careful or if you’re already prone to lower back injury.

You can expect an incredible pump using this workout. The high rep sets get the blood flowing. Then you immediately jump into a series of supersets kick-starting the pump. All back exercises after that were done using controlled reps. On the final exercise, I held the weight at the peak of the last rep for a few seconds. I hit some calves, which my calve workout is also listed above, followed by some cardio.

Train with Passion,


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