October 2014 Supplement Stack

Jason’s October 2014 Supplement Stack

October 2014 Supplement StackI’m way behind on posting my supplement stack but it’s almost the same as last month’s. And actually it’s going to be about the same next month. For starters, I’m back on mostly Universal Nutrition supplements. One difference is I switched my pre workout from Animal Rage XL to Universal’s Shock Therapy. The Rage wasn’t cutting it for me for some reason, as you read in my last supplement stack post. Plus with Rage I was throwing in extra aminos. Since I don’t eat anything that early in the morning I prefer to get some BCAAs in my system. Shock Therapy is an all-in-one pre workout and has branched chain amino acids and I also get better pumps and energy.

The other change is I finished the pro hormone Titan and started a new fat burner called Instant Knock Out. I’m not big on fat burners as my pre workouts have stimulants and I also enjoy a cup or 2 of coffee throughout the day. So I had to cut back on some of that. But this was sent to me from a reputable company to try out and review. At this point I’m almost done with it and it’s definitely proven to be a solid fat burner. You can read more about it here: Jason’s Instant Knock Out Review.

Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey (All Natural – Chocolate)

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy (pre workout)

Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 (post workout)

Universal Nutrition Storm (post workout)

Instant Knock Out (fat burner)

Twin Lab Omega 3 Fish Oil

I’m loving the pre workout switch I made to Shock Therapy. It’s pretty much loaded with everything I want before training. It’s comparable to VPX Shotgun, which is another all-in-one pre workout. My post workout concoction is Universal Storm and Atomic 7. Both equate to a hefty dose of creatines and amino acids.

As it’s the end of the month I’ll be posting next month’s soon. I don’t anticipate my supplements changing with the exception of I’m almost done with Instant Knock Out. But everything else should stay the same.

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