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Good Breads and Bad Breads

There’s a ton of information (or rather, misinformation) on breads out there. Some say all breads are bad for you. Others say eat only wheat and whole grain breads. And many these days lean towards gluten-free breads. Most all of the experts have told us to stay away from white breads. I do love bread and for the most part I’ve been eating whole wheat bread for a while (unless we go to an Italian restaurant where I’ll chow down on some garlic bread sticks).

I just came across an interesting article that supports a book called ‘Better Breads’ by Kelley Herring that helped clear things up a bit for me. I’ll admit, I don’t eat a super strict diet. As I’ve stated in the past, I don’t compete and have no reason to kill myself over what I eat or don’t eat. For the most part, I’m on a semi-healthy diet but I do enjoy treating myself, perhaps more often than I should. But I do aspire to be healthy overall and even though I may ‘cheat’ here and there, I want to be more conscience about the foods I eat, and more so the long-term impact of the foods I eat on a daily basis.

Best Breads

I’ll summarize what I got out of the article (it’s a bit lengthy but well worth the read and extremely educating). But first I’d like to share a little more about the author of Better Breads. Kelley Herring is founder of Healing Gourmet which is an organic recipe and meal planning book focused on overall health and weight loss. She’s published several other books that promote health and healing through nutrition. Her true passion is in the kitchen, cooking healthy yet delicious foods.

Basically Kelley’s extensive research has shown that a lot of the breads that are advertised as ‘good breads’ aren’t really that good. There’s a lot of hype on gluten-free these days and before that, it was whole wheat or whole grains. But we’re seeing that gluten-free isn’t much better (and in some cases can be worse) than wheat and whole grains. And we’re also seeing that whole wheat actually spikes insulin levels substantially.

In short, Kelley Herring’s ‘Better Breads’ gives us several options of healthy breads that do like impact blood sugar and that are organic and full of the nutrients we require. These are all grain-free breads, low carb breads and also considered as Paleo breads. Kelley also proves a ton of recipes using these grain-free breads that are actually quite tasty. Check out the link below for more details and to read the full article.

Read About ‘Better Breads’ by Kelley Herring

Better Breads Kelley Herring Paleo Organic Gluten Free Low Carb

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