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Jason’s Back ‘Plus’ Workout

Happy December 1st everyone! It’s my favorite month (actually, this is my favorite season). Today also happens to be Monday, and it’s what I deem as The Almighty Back Day! I’ve said it in several posts and I’ll say it again, I love training back. Working your back hard makes you wider and thicker, making you look huge from all angles. Forget chest and arms. If you’re not training your back hard, you’re missing out on some serious muscle gains.

Moving on from my motivational back training rant, I did a high volume back workout this morning starting out with the German Volume Training concept (10 x 10). From there it was multiple sets of a few exercises and at the end, I had done a total of 23 sets for back. After my back workout I did something a bit unusual. Instead of cardio (for whatever reason I just did not feel like doing the standard cardio) I hit a little quads and hams. I figured since I normally ride the recumbent bike, which works my legs, I’d do a few higher rep sets for quads and hams.

Monday Morning Workout – 12/1/2014


Seated Rows: 10 x 10

Barbell Rows: 5 x 10

Chest-Rest Plate-Loaded Rows: 5 x 10

Lat Pulldowns: 3 x 10


Donkey Calves Raises: 4 x 20

Standing Calves Raises: 4 x 12


Hammer Strength Leg Curls: 4 x 15


Leg Extensions: 4 x 15

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One note about German Volume Training (the 10 x 10 I started out with for seated rows) is I tend to rest less between sets. I don’t adjust the weight much throughout the 10 sets either. And since I’m only doing 10 reps I make sure they’re focused and concentrated, making the muscle work. I hit some barbell rows with a moderate amount of weight (225 lbs). I haven’t done those with that much weight in forever. To some that doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re using strict form, 225 is pretty heavy. Once I got to lat pulldowns I was beat and could only survive 3 sets. At that point, any more may have been counterproductive.

I usually hit calves after training back and during that is when I decided to continue moving some weights instead of my typical cardio. I jumped on my gym’s new hamstring exercise (Hammer Strength, plate-loaded). After 4 sets of those I hit another 4 sets of leg extensions. I may stick with this workout plan every Monday for a while. Tomorrow I plan to jump on the bike for my usual cardio.

Train with Passion,


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