Last Back Workout for 2014

Last Back & Traps Workout of the Year

We’re wrapping up the 2014 year this week so this morning was my final back workout on the year. I also hit traps as I’m having to double up on some muscle groups since I don’t plan to train on New Year’s Day. So I’m sticking to the same workout schedule I did last week, which was Christmas week:

Monday: Back and traps

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday (New Year’s Eve): Chest and delts

Thursday (New Year’s Day): Rest and eat!

Friday: Arms

It actually felt good last week to take that extra day off in the middle of the week. So I’m looking forward to this week’s workout schedule too. I believe my workouts have been a bit more intense with that extra rest day thrown in. Taking rest days is still difficult because I love to train and if I miss a day of training during the week I just don’t feel right. Let’s get to this morning’s back and traps workout.

Big Back and Traps Workout


Reverse Grip Barbell Rows: 3 x 20, 3 x 10

Hammer Strength High Rows: 3 x 12

Hammer Strength Rows: 3 x 15

Pull-ups: 3 x 12

Seated Rows: 3 x 15


Plate-Loaded Machine Shrugs: 3 x 15

Barbell Shrugs: 3 x 12


Seated Calve Raises: 3 x 12

Donkey Calve Raises: 3 rest-pause x 20

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I reduced the number to sets this morning (I normally hit 4 sets, especially for back) for the sake of time, since I was also throwing in another body part. Sometimes I notice when I decrease the number of sets, my sets are more intense. My rest period between sets were also a little shorter than usual.

I stuck to basic exercises and straight sets for the most part. I hit some 20 rep-sets for barbell rows to warm up with before putting on real weight. I normally don’t list warm ups but I’m counting these. I made sure to make the most out of these sets by contracting the muscle, so those 20 reps were tough to get.

I also included my calves at the end. My reps for calves lately have been extremely controlled. I see a lotta guys in there loading up the weight and doing super-fast reps, which are barely half-reps. And those guys generally have small calves. I believe to build calves past your genetic potential you have to get the full range of motion and contract the muscle. After that, I hit my cardio on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes. That wraps up the last back and traps workout for 2014!

Train with Passion,


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