2015 Workout Goals

Jason’s 2015 Workout Goals

Seated Rows 2015 WorkoutsThe phrase ‘workout goals’ covers a broad range of goals I want to accomplish this year. It’s a mixture of physique-changing goals as well as getting stronger. Unfortunately those two somewhat clash. On the same token I also plan to gain some lean muscle while dropping body fat. Those two clash as well.

So as you can see I’ve got some challenges in 2015. I’ll be turning 40 this year (in May) and I want to gain as much muscle as I can, while I still can. But I’ve also noticed as I’ve aged that body fat is a bit tougher to keep down. I’ll have to eat enough food to grow but not so much that I’m gaining fat. This means I’ll need to watch my diet a little closer and also be more consistent with cardio.

2015 Training & Physique Plan

> Train with more intensity – I need to make sure every workout counts this year. If for whatever reason I’m feeling sluggish, I’ll need to force myself to train all-out and maybe just cut the time of the workout. No more just showing up and going through the motions.

> Focus on building the muscle tissue – This means more concentrated, focused, and controlled reps. I need to feel the muscle work regardless of how much weight I’m using. The goal is to exhaust the muscle.

> More sets of compound exercises – I’ll be starting most of my workouts with a compound exercises, especially for chest as I’d really like to get stronger on my bench press. I’ll more than likely do methods like 5 x 5 on compound lifts where I want to build up my strength. I’d like to be benching 405 for reps by May.

> Be more consistent with cardio – I’ve been consistent with cardio for the most part up to the past few months. But I need to step it up. My plan is to alternate interval training cardio sessions on the recumbent bike with walking on an incline at a moderate pace. I’ll do some type of cardio at least 5x a week.

> Plan my meals better – I don’t compete so I’m never on a strict meal plan. However, I do need to keep my diet in check better than I have been. I will be planning my meals out a little better this year rather than fixing last minute meals, which are usually not the healthiest.

> Be more active – Although I train in the early mornings 5x a week, I sit most of the remainder of the day. I will start doing some sort of activity at night such as ab training or walking, and doing the same on the weekends (kayaking, canoeing, nature walks).

2015 Challenges

One of my greatest challenges in my plan is being more active overall. Much of my day requires sitting. I sit at a desk all day with my day-job. I sit when I’m updating my websites (TheMuscleProgram.com and a couple others), and as some of you know I’m a musician, and I sit when I’m writing and recording music as the recording is done on my computer. As you can see I have a good bit of responsibilities throughout the day, I need to make a point to walk or do some crunches, anything, at night.

Eating better is also a challenge. Granted, I don’t aspire to be on a super strict diet since I don’t compete. But lately I’ve gone a bit overboard and I need to pull the reigns back on my diet and what I’m eating.

That’s my goals and plan for achieve my goals in 2015. I feel I’m already on a good start as my first workout of the year (last Friday, arms) was very intense. I also upped my cardio a bit with interval training. And I’ve been doing a few sets of crunches each evening, as well as waking Frodo (our dog) a little further (he needs more cardio too).

Use my 2015 goals and planning strategy to create your own and let’s make some positive changes this year. The ultimate goal for all of us is relatively the same. We want to grow more muscle, get stronger, and shed more body fat.

Train with Passion,


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