Lean Muscle Workout

Jason’s Current Workout Program

Well, I’m back to my old training routine. I had switched things up a little by splitting up my quads and hams but after a few weeks I found I’m more comfortable with the workout routine I originally had. I’m basically training all major muscles once a week, and only hitting one major muscle per workout. Splitting up quads and hams forced me to double up body parts.

The goal with my workout program, and I realize this is vague, is to build lean muscle. How I do that is by incorporating heavy training with high-rep training. Though I mostly stick with straight sets I use rest-pause sets from time to time. Rest-pause sets are a good way to exhaust the muscle.

Lean Muscle Workout


Chest, 4-5 exercises


Back, 5-7 exercises


Legs, 4-5 exercises for quads, 2-3 exercises for hams


Shoulders & Traps, 3-4 exercises for shoulders, 1-2 exercises for traps


Arms, 3-4 exercises for biceps, 3-4 exercises for triceps

* Calves – Trained 3-4 times per week

** Abs – Trained 2-3 times per week

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I also walk for 25-30 minutes after the weights. I put the treadmill on a slight incline, about 3 or 4, and my speed is moderate, between 3.3 and 3.5 mph. I’m not trying to run sprints or do anything hardcore for cardio. In my experience, a steady pace with moderate intensity has worked best for burning fat.

Jay Cutler said it best when he stated it all comes down to sets and reps. That’s how you build muscle. There’s no magic formula or secret. You just have to get in there and train your rear off. You also have to have a solid nutrition plan so that you can recover and function. The food part can be a bit tricky and requires more discipline than going to the gym.

Train with Passion,


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