April-May 2015 Supplements

April-May 2015 SupplementsIt’s time to update you all on what supplements I’m currently taking. I’m going to combine April and May because I plan to stay on everything I’ve been taking throughout next month as well. I realize that my supplement stacks may come off as somewhat boring because I stick to the same types of what I call ‘tried and true’ supplements. I know there are constantly new products coming out left and right, and of course they’re all scientifically proven (if I never hear that phrase again it will be too soon). I’m all for innovation and making enhancements. But I’m not about overhyping and stretching claims like we see so much of. If something worked well 10 years ago (such as aminos and creatine), I’m pretty sure it still works the same today.

All that said, my stack is basic. I’m covering protein, aminos during workouts, pre workout amino and energy blend, vitamins, and I’m also throwing in a sleep aid. I was at Southern Muscle stocking up the beginning of this month and Big Jarrod gave me a sample of a product by Nutrex called HIBERN8. I don’t generally have trouble sleeping but we all know that deep, restful sleep is needed for muscle growth (and overall health for that matter). I’m liking the results so far so I’m more than likely going to pick up another bottle soon.

Jason’s Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey
Nutrex Outlift – pre workout
Physique Enhancing Science AMINO IV – intra workout
MusclePharm Armor V – multi-vitamin
Nutrex HIBERN8 – before bed
Kirkland’s Fish Oil

Another new supplement I’m trying out (if I’ve tried this before, I don’t recall) is MusclePharm Armor V for my multi-vitamin. Let’s be honest about multi-vitamins; they’re not something you’re going to notice substantial results from. Perhaps a slight boost in energy and overall mood, but these aren’t like pre workout supplements where you can feel it working. I take these for health more than anything. Armor V is said to have ‘greens’ in it and being that I don’t eat a ton of vegetables, this seems to be a solid choice for now.

As you can see in my past supplement posts PES’s AMINO IV has become a staple for my aminos. I’m only taking 2 scoops during my workout now (I was taking a 3rd scoop during cardio but I’m just doing water now; I may go back to that soon). This product has a higher leucine content than most other amino blends. That’s it for my April and May supplements!

Train with Passion,

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