Grocery Shopping List Post

I know you guys are used to getting my workout blog posts but I actually took a day off from the gym and slept in. I haven’t done that in a while but it sure felt good to get another day of rest. The timing worked out perfectly because yesterday was leg day, and if you read my leg workout post, it was a brutal leg day.

So when I got up and checked my email I noticed someone asking for a grocery shopping list to go with the diet plans I have posted on my site. I had forgotten that post this a few years back. This conversation promoted me to update my list and put it out there.

What I noticed is I really didn’t need to perform many updates. I took out a couple of items (I used to buy a lot of packaged frozen chicken but I dont do that anymore). I also added a few items. But for the most part, my grocery shopping list has changed much over the years. Things like beef, eggs, chicken, rice, and oatmeal have always been staples in my diet.

I don’t claim to eat super clean all the time. In fact, I don’t eat super clean at all. Most of you know I dont compete so there’s no reason to deprive myself. However, I do make sure I get adequate protein and stay healthy for the most part. That being said, this grocery shopping list may not work for you, depending on your goals. My intent was just to give you a simple list of foods I mainly stick to in order to continue building muscle and staying in good health.


Jason's Kitchen Muscle Foods - Grocery Shopping List

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