June 2015 Supplement Stack

Supplements June 2015Here’s my current supplement stack and I pretty much started the new supplements you see here within the past week. For the newbies, there are two products by Nutrex I’m taking for the first time. One is a sleep formula called HIBERN8 and the other is their pre-workout supplement called Outrage.

A couple other changes from the norm is I switched my protein from Dymatize Elite whey to Allmax Allwhey protein (this was one sale at Southern Muscle for almost half price). I’ve taken it before so it’s not necessarily new. And I’m also taking MVP-365 for my multi. Lastly, I’m back on Instant Knockout for my fat burner.

Jason’s Current Supplements

> Allmax Allwhey – protein
> Millennium Sport MVP-365 – multi-vitamin
> Instant Knockoutfat burner
> PES Amino V – intra workout aminos
> Nutrex Outrage – preworkout
> Nutrex HIBERN8 – sleep formula

I’m extremely impressed with both new supplements from Nutrex that I’m taking. I had been on Outlift pre workout for the past few months and decided to try Outrage. Outrage is their ultra concentrated preworkout. The energy and focus are amazing. I generally don’t take sleep aids but Big Jarrod at Southern Muscle here in Brandon gave me a bottle. I dont think I’ve ever gotten better sleep so this is something I’ll consider staying on (I only take it during the week).

I’m back on Instant Knockout, my preferred fat burner. I’ve never been too big on fat burners but Instant Knockout is not just a mere weight loss pill. I can actually feel this stuff working, ramping up my metabolism even throughout the day. My goal is for Instant Knockout to compliment my training intensity for enhanced definition and overall shape.

Train with Passion,


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