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Jason Stallworth | TheMuscleProgram.comMy son flies back to his home tomorrow so we’ll get one more workout in tomorrow morning before he leaves. We’ve had the opportunity to hit every muscle since he’s been here. Tomorrow we’ll basically end where we started with training back and biceps. I’m extremely proud of his dedication and willingness to train hard.

For this post, I’m just going to give a rundown of the workouts we’ve done so far, and I’ll list tomorrow’s as well. This is basically my workout routine (and has been for over a month now). I’m hitting everything within 4 days then starting over. And since he and I hit a Sunday workout, I got an extra training day in.

Recent Workouts

Back, Biceps, and Calves


Chest and Triceps


Traps, Shoulders, and Abs

Wednesday (tomorrow)
Back, Biceps, & Calves

It’s great to see any young person having the passion to train. My son Jacob has had some intense workouts over the past several days but he’s stuck it out. And I can see this is something he will continue.

Weight training has been the foundation of my life since I started. It’s almost like a religion to me. Granted, I do thank God for the ability to train, first and foremost. I do this, literally, every time I leave the gym. It’s  gift. And if you have that gift, it becomes a responsibility. It doesn’t mean to you to go pro or even compete. It just means you have that deep desire to push yourself beyond your limits, both physically and mentally.

Train with Passion,



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