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Bodybuilding Supplements and Pills - TheMuscleProgram.comI remember a while back while taking a handful of supplements someone asked me ‘how many pills do you take a day?’ I believe I was taking Animal Pak at that time (which is a ton of pills on its own), fish oil capsules, and probably some other supplements. Training is a huge part of our life, and supplements and pills are part of that package, so we don’t think much of it.

It dawned on me this morning when I was taking all of my pills with my post workout shake. Where as my protein, pre workout, and aminos are powder form, I do seem to take quite a few pills. So I stopped for a second to take a look at each pill and account as to why I’m taking it. We have to be careful that we’re not taking a bunch of pills just for the sake of taking something. And more is not always better.

Daily Pills

While I post my supplements on a regular basis I wanted to share some of the ‘pills’ I take that I may leave out of my supplement stacks that I post each month. And I’ll also explain why I’m taking each item below.

♦ Fish Oil – 4,000 mg (2 pills twice a day)

♦ Aspirin – 325 mg

♦ Multi-vitamins (currently Opti-Men from Optimum Nutrition)

♦ Niacin – 500 mg

♦ Vitamin D3 (amount may vary)

♦ Vitamin C (amount may vary)

♦ B Vitamins (amount may vary)

Some of you know I turned 40 this year which prompted me to start seeing my primary care doctor on a regular basis. It’s best to have a proactive approach to your health as opposed to reactive. So since my first doctor visit I’m taking one 325 mg aspirin per day as well as niacin. The aspirin is to help prevent heart attack stroke while the niacin helps with cholesterol.

I’ve been an avid fan of fish oil for several years now. There’s a ton of health benefits. And daily multi-vitamins have always been a staple in my supplement regimen. I tend to change this up from time to time. I also may take extra vitamin D and C, as well as B vitamins.

So that’s my daily dose of pills. It’s a mixture of supplements and what is considered medications. The take away is make sure you know why you’re taking what you’re taking. Don’t just take stuff to take stuff.

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