Q & A – Hammer Strength Behind the Neck

I received an interesting question about using the Hammer Strength Behind the Nceck press machine vs using free weights.


I was reading your workout blog and noticed a shoulder workout  where you used the hammer strength behind the neck press machine. We have also this machine at the gym, but I’ve never touched it as it looks unatural. Is it replacing the regular behind the neck presses or the dumbell shoulder presses ? Is it worth adding this machine into a shoulder routine or is it too stressful on the rotator?

Jason’s Answer:

I use the Hammer Strength Behind the Neck press for almost every shoulder workout. I’m not a fan of behind the neck seated presses using free weights. Although it’s not a one-size-fits-all because different exercises work better for different people. But for me, the free weight version has always hurt my joints and put extra stress on my rotator cuffs.

One thing I often do is perform the Hammer Strength Behind the Neck press exercise one arm at a time, or sometimes perform it using a uni-lateral approach. This helps you apply for concentration on the muscle throughout each rep.

As far as the question does it replace the free weight version or dumbbell press, I wouldnt say it replaces anything. Rather, it’s an alternative. I do encourage you to try this out on your next shoulder workout and see how it feels for you.

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