July 2015 Supplement Stack

July 2015 Supplement StackAs usual I’m a bit late on posting this month’s supplement stack. Of course it’s not like I start everything at the first of each month either. Some supplement last longer than others. And most of these I’m posting are either one’s I haven’t changed in a while or have at least taken before. However, I do have some newbies this time.

I will say the two supplements that have not changed is my trusted Dymatize Elite whey protein and Physique Enhancing Science Amino V. I’ve been on that protein for several years now. And I’ve been taking the Amino V since the beginning of the year. The one newbie is the creatine called Creagyn from Purus Labs. And I’m going to be back on Instant Knockout as I need to trim up a bit.

Jason’s Supplements

Here’s a rundown of what I’m currently taking.

⇒ Dymatize Elite whey protein

⇒ Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

⇒ PES Amino V

⇒ Purus Labs Condense (preworkout)

⇒ Purus Labs Creagyn (pre workout)

⇒ Instant Knockout (extreme fat burner)

I’ve taken Purus Labs Condense before and was pleased with the results. In fact, I’m a fact of Purus Labs in general due to the quality of ingredients they put in their supplements. They actually sent me a bottle of Creagyn so I’m taking that now.

As I stated above, I’m back on Instant Knockout. Of course I’ll be watching what I eat a little closer as well. I’ve sort of let my body fat get out of control lately so it’s time to lose a little. I’m not going on some super strict diet but I will be more careful in planning my meals better during the week. I’ve taken Instant Knockout before so I know I can get to where I want to be with a little help.

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