Sunday Prep for Monday Workout

Back - Lat PulldownsThe weekend is almost over for us Monday through Friday 9-5’ers. Although I do a lot of relaxing on Sunday I also use it as a prep day to get ready for my first workout of the week. This basically means I rest and load up on food.

Although my workouts change from time to time, Mondays have been my back day for a while now. It’s the largest upper body muscle so I like to hit it after the 2 days of rest I typically take on weekends. Back training takes a ton of energy, and that energy is fueled by nutrition. So it makes sense for me to eat more on Sundays.

So here’s my Sunday food schedule. I normally wake up early and feed our dogs and cats. I also fix myself a couple of scoops of whey protein and I’ll often have a banana and teaspoon of honey with that. About an hour later I start cooking breakfast. This morning it was eggs, roast beef hash, and waffles. And I also make us some coffee and orange juice. My lunch and dinner will typically be big meals and I’ll have another shake before bed. This grants me a hefty amount of energy to train back the next morning.

Latest Article of Heavy Training

I also wanted to share my most recent article. In fact, I just finished writing it this morning. It’s called ‘Heavy Lifting: The Natural Test Booster.’ We’re always looking for ways to boost our testosterone, or more so, we’re after the effects of that, which are increased strength and muscle. I make some very good points in this article and cover some of the best exercise to help you boost testosterone without supplements.

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Heavy Lifting: The Natural Test Booster

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