Shredded Back Workout

I’ll admit as much as I love the gym I do get tired of the same types of workouts. This is one of the reasons I change it up every few weeks. One thing I do want to stay constant is the combination of heavy weights and intense, high-rep sets. How I get there is another story. This morning’s ‘shredded back workout’ uses some killer techniques to help get out of the rut and boredom.

Back Day

Seated Rows:
4 sets x 10, 8, 8, 15 reps

Plate-Loaded Rows:
4 sets x 8, 8, 8, 15 reps

Reverse Pulldowns:
4 sets x 10, 10, 10, 15 reps

Hammer Strength Rows:
Extended Rest Pause Set x 75 total reps

Single Cable Pulldowns:
Extended Rest Pause Set x 50 total reps

Get Ripped, Get Shredded


Jason’s Instant Knockout Results

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I started heavy, which is something I generally do. It makes sense if you want to overload the muscle with as much weight as possible because you have the most strength in the beginning of your workout. But I also feel like reps and getting the pump are just as important for growth. And that’s where the special technique came in: extended rest-pause sets.

I’m a big fan of rest-pause sets but especially extending them. The exercises you see where I performed 50 and 75 collective reps took me about 5-6 sets to get there. This exhausts the muscle and will grant you one of the greatest pumps you’ve ever had. In my opinion, this technique will get your shredded.

I also hit some biceps and calves. I didn’t include these in today’s workout blog because I really wanted you to focus on what I did for back. Try this exact workout on your next back day (you can substitute the exercises if needed).

Train with Passion,

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