Leg Press Superset

I know I’ve been on this superset kick lately but I want to share something a little unique for your leg workouts. I’ve actually been posting this technique but decided to make a video this morning. Visuals are always better!

This is what I’m calling ‘Leg Press – Superset Foot Stance.’ I’ve been starting most of my leg workouts with this technique. The concept is simple.

Leg Press: Superset Foot Stance

Regular Foot Stance: 10 reps
superset with
Close Foot Stance: 10 reps

Leg Press WorkoutI normally do this in the reverse order that you see here (close followed by wide/regular). But I wasn’t thinking about that when I made the video this morning, so for the sake of consistency, this is it. And leg press is the perfect exercise for this. It allows you to use more weight (although I don’t recommend going super heavy on this as you want full reps, not half reps).

I’ve also been a fan of using high reps for leg growth for a while now. I’m not claiming to have the biggest quads but they have grown substantially since I start hitting more reps. And this leg press-superset technique is a good way to pound out more.

I challenge you to try this on your next leg day. Try it in the beginning, or if you want to save it till the end of your leg workout, that’s fine too. I promise you’ll get a tremendous pump!

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