Supersets for Shoulders

I hit some shoulders and a little bit of traps this morning. After a pretty rough week at work and being that yesterday I trained legs, I felt a little pooped this morning. My overall energy and motivation was lower than the norm.

When I’m feeling this way I almost always start out with supersets. And sometimes, like this morning, I’ll superset my entire workout. This is a great method to immediately get the blood flowing and there’s a natural burst energy that comes with that.

Superset Workout – Shoulders & Traps

Seated Machine Press: 4 x 15
– superset with –
Reverse Pec-Dec: 4 x 12

Hammer Strength Behind the Neck: 4 x 15
– superset with –
Front Raises (45 lb plate): 4 x 10

Plate-Loaded Shrugs: 4 x 12-15
– superset with –
Lateral Raises: 4 x 8

The one exercise I do every shoulder workout is seated barbell press. I felt like changing things up a bit so I substituted that with the machine shoulder press. I’m typically stick to free weights over machines. But again, I wanted to shift things around a little.

I did a total of six exercises. With supersets, I finished about 20 minutes earlier than I normally would have. I chose a calve exercises at the end and hit five sets of 10 reps followed by a 30-rep set. After that it was cardio time while listening to the audio mentorship program I’m in (Tai Lopez’s 67 steps). If you recall my ‘Learn While You Burn‘ post from last week, I’ve been using cardio time to educate myself.

Train with Passion,


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