Supplement Stack Sept-Oct 2015

I went to Southern Muscle yesterday here in Brandon, FL to pick load up on supplements. Strange thing is I had run out of most everything at the same time (protein, pre workout, and aminos). So I pretty much bought my whole stack yesterday.

As I state in the video, I’m trying three new products. One is the new SP250 from Gaspari. Then there are two from Purus Labs I’m trying out; Aminod and Noxygen.

Jason’s Supplement List

⊃ Dymatize Elite Whey

⊃ Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

⊃ Gaspari Nutrition SP250

⊃ Purus Labs Aminod

⊃ Purus Labs Noxygen

Supplement Stack SepOct2015Of course I have my trusted Dymatize Elite whey protein and Animal Pak. But I want to briefly go over the new supplements and their purpose.

I believe the SP250 is an enhanced version of Gaspari’s famous SuperPump. Jarrod at Southern Muscle had a lot of great things to say about this. I’ll be trying this for the first time on Monday.

The Purus Labs Aminod will be taken during my workout. The Noxygen is a stimulant-free pre workout. I plan to alternate this with SP250 every few days to give myself a break for the stims.

I’ve gotta give props to Jarrod and his team at Southern Muscle. If you live in the Tampa/Brandon area, this is ‘the place’ to go. Jarrod lives and breathes bodybuilding (which is very obvious when you see him) and he treats you like family.

Train with Passion,


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