Bent Over Rows – 10×10

I want to share my first exercise from this morning’s back workout. Bent over rows (I often call these barbell rows) are on of my favorite back exercises. If someone told me I could only do one exercise for back, it would probably be this one.

I’m still on this German Volume Training kick, 10 sets of 10 reps. And I’ve never used this method for this specific exercise before. I can tell you I’ll be doing this again next week. I’m a believer in training back with high volume and 10 x 10 gives you the volume and then some. Here’s this morning’s full back workout below.

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German Volume Training for Back

Bent Over Rows: 10 x 10

Lat Pulldowns: 10 x 10

Seated Rows: 10 x 10

Bent Over Rows side shot Jason StallworthThis back workout is very similar to last Monday’s. The only difference is the first exercise. Last week I used the plate-loaded rows where as here I’m doing free weight barbell rows. I like the free weight version better. The only concern for me is my lower back with free weights, which I was fine this morning. German Volume Training forces you to drop the weight down a bit.

This type of volume makes you extremely pumped. It’s great for back; you feel thicker and wider afterwards. And I think the volume from 10 sets of 10 reps forces your muscles to expand and grow. The pumps more blood into the muscle and eve though the intensity may not be as high, the volume is what makes the muscle expand.

I also hit some calves and cardio after training back. I applied the 10×10 to standing calve raises. I’ll do the same for abs tomorrow after training chest.

Train with Passion,


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