Hotel Room Workout

It’s been about a week since I’ve done a real workout in the gym as we’re on vacation in Thailand. Of course time off can be a good thing. Some of the pro bodybuilders have been known to even take a few weeks off.

I personally don’t care to take more than a few days off at a time. From my experience, a whole week kills my strength. That being that, after a few days I had to start doing something. So gym or no gym, here’s a quick hotel room workout you can do.

Hotel Room – Quick Workout

200 Push-ups

200 Crunches

100 Dips (fewer propped)

* I basically did extended rest-pause sets until I hit 100 total reps, resting about 20 seconds between sets. I did this for push-ups followed by crunches, then repeated.

By no means is this considered a hardcore workout. But if you can do this once, or even twice per day while on vacation or business trip, you can stay in decent shape. Worst case, it’s better than nothing.

I must add that we’ve been walking a lot. Then again we’ve also been sitting a lot too between the flights and taxi services. And I certainly haven’t refrained from my share of Thai food. Although much of Thai food is healthy, my portions have been quite hefty. After all, it’s my vacation.

I do plan to hit some real weights tomorrow morning. There’s actually a decent fitness center at the hotel we’re in, the Dusit Princess in Chang Mai. We have a few more places in Thailand to visit over the next couple of weeks and I plan to workout at an actual gym a few times while we’re on vacation.

Train with Passion,


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