Novatel Bangkok In Fitness Gym

We arrived in Bangkok last night and we’re staying at the Novatel hotel in the Siam district. I decided to wake up and get in a workout since the last workout was several days ago in Chiang Mai at the Dusit Princess hotel.

Jason’s Novatel Bangkok Workout

Squats: 5 x 15

Leg extensions: 5 x 15

Leg curls: 5 x 12

Lateral raises: 4 x 12

Shoulder press: 4 x 12

Rope extensions: 4 x 12

Decline sit-ups: 4 x 15

This gym in the Novatel Bangkok hotel is called In Fitness. It’s a pretty decent gym for a hotel. Since I’m on vacation and my training is random, I’m not on a strict schedule. But I at least wanted to get a leg workout in.

As you can see I also hit some delts and a little triceps. I must add we’re doing a ton of walking here in Bangkok.

Yes, I’m enjoying my vacation but I didn’t wanna be away from the weights for more than a week. And by no means are my workouts hard core. Just enough to get a quick pump! Stayed tuned for more.

Train with Passion,


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