Push Workout – Novatel Bangkok

Novatel Bangkok In Fitness Gym SiamIt’s Monday morning here in Bangkok, Thailand. Even though I’m on vacation I’ve been getting a few ‘pump’ workouts in. My body just wouldn’t feel right taking a whole 3 weeks off from training.

I did an all-push workout today at the Novatel In Fitness gym here in the Siam district of Bangkok where we’re staying. It’s not Gold’s or anything but there’s enough equipment to get a quick pump.

Push Workout – Novatel Gym

Incline press machine: 5 x 10-12
superset with
Tricep push downs: 5 x 10-12

Shoulder press machine: 4 x 10
superset with
Dumbbell flyes: 4 x 8

Bent over raises: 4 x 10
superset with
Rope extensions: 4 x 10-12

I ended up hitting a little chest, shoulders, and triceps for this push workout. I’ve been somewhat using the push-pull-legs training method during my vacation and plan to stick to that the rest of the week. And for this workout, it was all supersets.

Hotel gyms generally aren’t equipped with the free weights and machines a real gym has but it’s enough to get in a quick, short workout. I plan to train legs tomorrow but I may actually find a real gym here in Bangkok for that.

Train with Passion,




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