Black Friday – Save Your Money

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and many of us are going to be feasting on leftovers for the next few days. I love this time of year, but there’s one thing that seems a bit strange. After reflecting on everything we have to be thankful for (which this should be everyday), we turn into ravaging vultures chasing after all of the Black Friday sales.

Now, I’m not against buying stuff. I’m not anti-capitalism or anything extreme like that. And sales are great! Hey, if I can get a big screen for 1/2 price, sign me up! But if I take a step back, we already have a decent size TV. Do we really need another one? Probably not.

Our society, especially here in America, is so obsessed with ‘stuff.’ It can be any kind of stuff. We have to have it. And sometimes we don’t know we have to have it until someone tells us we must have it. That’s usually in the form of a sale like Black Friday.

My point to all this is…DID YOU TRAIN TODAY?? Lol, I’m halfway joking. Well, not really. So did you workout today? Shopping doesn’t count (yes, I know, walking is indeed cardio).

Ok, so my real point is to do a quick analysis. Do you really need that item (or items) that’s on sale? Is that Black Friday item going to enhance your life? Or is it just going to add more clutter? 

What if you saved that money you were gonna spend on Black Friday and invested in yourself? Maybe there’s some books that will help you learn a new language or even a new job skill. Maybe there’s a business you’ve been thinking about starting. Maybe there’s debt you need to pay down, or maybe you need to put more money in savings. To these, many will say they just don’t have the money. But when Black Friday comes around, well, you get my point.

I’m not saying boycott Black Friday. We need people spending money. This keeps our economy going. But there will always be plenty of consumers. So the ultimate question for you is ‘Do I really need that Black Friday sale item?‘ Is it going to change your life in a positive way, or just be something else you have, adding to the clutter of the abundance of things you already have?

Train with Passion,


P.S. – And if you haven’t trained yet, get your @ss to the gym!


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