Thanksgiving Leftovers

I’m a little late with this post as I’m eating my last leftovers from Thanksgiving today for lunch. But this concept may come in handy at any time, especially around the holidays (Christmas will more than likely bring about another large meal).

I took a special approach this year with my Thanksgiving leftovers. Obviously the majority was turkey. This is the semi-healthy part, or at least the protein-packed part. And of course there’s the masses of side items.

Normally I would just replicate my Thanksgiving meal for all the leftover meals thereafter. This typically means turkey with several sides (mashed potatoes with gravy, dressing, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie…the list goes on!). Not this time.

Jason’s Post-Thanksgiving Meals

Alright, so this is what I decided to do with my Thanksgiving leftovers. And it somewhat follows my general nutrition philosophy. Instead of eating turkey plus a ton of sides, I chose turkey with just one side item. Here are 5 meal examples:

Meal 1: Turkey with dressing

Meal 2: Turkey with sweet potato pie

Meal 3: Turkey with mashed potatoes

Meal 4: Turkey with green bean casserole

Meal 5: Turkey sandwich

I essentially had a different side for each meal. The base was always turkey. So I had my protein content and one source of carbs. I’m not saying my carbs were healthy ones by any means! None the less, one source of carbs is better than 3-4 sources.

I’m getting ready to heat up my final meal from our Thanksgiving leftovers (which I’m certainly thankful for!). I’ll be cooking some wheat pasta with lean ground beef tonight.

Train (and eat) with Passion,


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