6th Year Anniversary

About six years ago I had this vision to create a workout program based on my personal experience. I started out by creating an eBook that consisted of a 12 week workout program and created a small website to promote it.

Within that year, TheMuscleProgram turned into a full-blown website with pages of training information, workouts, nutrition guides, supplement reviews, and an active personal blog.

Unlike the majority of websites you come across in this genre, TheMuscleProgram is indeed authentic. What makes it so genuine? Up to this point I’ve been the sole creator and content writer. And if you’ve been following my site for any length of time, you know that I make it personable.

2015 Highlights

I’d like to recap some of the highlights this year from TheMuscleProgram. As expected, I get a ton of supplement companies reaching out to me to review their products. Some of these are affiliate-based, in which presents an income opportunity. I decline almost 100% of these.

My name and face are deeply associated with TheMuscleProgram so not only do I represent the site, my personal reputation is on the line. I’m not afraid to put myself out there. That being said, I’m extremely cautious about what I promote.

There are a small handful of supplements that I advertise like TestoFuel, Instant Knockout, and ASR Hyper Gain. I tried a couple of new supplements this past year but nothing impressed me. So I had no new supplements to promote in 2015.

My blog has been extremely active, more so this year than any other. I also started an email campaign towards the end of 2015. I wanted to create more opportunities to reach people. My goal has been to personalize TheMuscleProgram even more.

My greatest highlight (other than turning 40 last year…ugh) was my vacation to Thailand in 2015. I blogged a few times on vacation showing you a couple of the hotel gyms I trained at. Thailand is a beautiful country and I cannot wait to visit again! Here are links to a couple blogs from my Thailand trip below:

Workout in Chiang Mai

Workout in Bangkok

Plans for 2016

I’ll continue blogging and sending my workouts via my email list (make sure you subscribe to that if you haven’t already – check the sidebar). This has proven to be a successful method in reaching out to more people, allowing me to provide different workouts and helping folks create their own. I also plan to do more training videos this year.

I will be spending less time on supplements unless something comes along that really blows me away. But for the most part, I’m more than comfortable sticking with the supplements I currently promote. They work, and it’s not like they’re going to stop working just because they’ve been around for a while. Our society has a tendency to want the latest and greatest. But with supplements, you want the one’s that have stood the test of time. New isn’t always better.

I’d also like to write some more training books in 2016. I plan to create more eBooks that cater to specific goals such as mass building, a cutting program, and a few more.

I still have my Hardcore Muscle Building Program available. It’s a detailed 12 week weight training schedule. I also include a nutrition and supplement guide. You can read more about that here:

Jason’s Hardcore Muscle Building Program

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank all of you who have been a part of this venture. This is my passion and there’s no better feeling than knowing I was a part of someone’s success. It’s not just about changing your physique or getting stronger. It’s also about allowing this lifestyle to shape you as a person in every way.

I know some of you have been following TheMuscleProgram from day one. And some of you are new. I want to encourage you to stay focused on your goals and dig deep to make sure you become a better ‘you’ each day.

Train with Passion,





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