Lions, Tigers, and Quads

This morning was my Wednesday quads only workout. Forgive the cheesiness of the title but it is indeed relevant. ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’ was a statement of fear on Dorothy and her companion’s journey to meet the great Wizard of Oz. They embraced this fear and continued to push on.

I’ve found that there are some that are afraid to train legs. The sets, the reps, the pain. You can get to a point when training legs where you want stop. Of course you have to know when your muscles are truly exhausted and it’s time to start the recovery process. But many, even myself at times, may fall short on leg day.

This is one of the reasons I start doing a quads only workout. I’m training hamstrings separately, usually on Monday after my back workout. Quads are typically trained on Wednesdays (I may throw in some traps and calves afterwards, but no other major muscles). Here’s this morning’s workout:

Quads Only Workout

Leg Press (10 sets total)

5 sets with close foot placement x 15 reps

5 sets with regular foot placement x 8 reps

Squats (plate-loaded)

5 sets x 8 reps

Lunges (barbell)

3 sets x 12 reps

Leg Extensions

7 sets x 10 reps

At a glance this may not look like much as there’s not a ton of diversity in exercises. But I tend to keep things simple in regards to the exercises I perform. I would rather do more sets, and that’s exactly what I do. And you already know I’m a huge fan of volume when it comes to leg training. Doing a quads only workout allows for even more volume. To me, this is the best way to build muscle in your legs.

I did hit some calves and cardio. What I mean by ‘quads only workout’ is simply splitting up my quads and hamstrings on separate training days. Although sometimes I’m too exhausted to train anything else after my quads workout. Not having to worry about hamstrings on that day allows me that freedom.

Stay tuned for my current supplement stack. I should be posting that within the next few days.

Train with Passion,


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