Dorian Yates Chest and Tris Workout & Weekend of Mega Food

It’s official that I’m on the Dorian Yates training kick. I say Dorian but there are bodybuilders before his time who trained like this; short, intense workouts. I’m partial to Yates because he was the top bodybuilder in my younger years and I’ve always admired this dude. So here’s my Dorian Yates chest and tris workout.

I’ve been combining chest and triceps for a while so I figured I’ll stick to it. In the midst of changing up my workout, going from one spectrum of high volume to the opposite being less volume with peak intensity, I’ll keep the structure of what I train somewhat the same.

Chest and Tris Workout

Incline Bench Press: 2 x 8, 6

Dumbbell Press: 2 x 10, 8

Cable Flyes: 2 x 15, 13

Hammer Strength Chest Press: 2 x 15, 13

Rope Pressdowns: 2 x 12, 10

Seated Overhead Extensions Machine: 2 x 12, 10

* Special note – I did a drop set on the final set of each exercise. For the rope pressdowns, I did a drop on both sets. This made the workout intensity even more extreme.

At a glance, this workout doesn’t look like much. We’re used to seeing 3-4 sets of 4-5 exercises, and sometimes more. 2 sets just doesn’t like enough. But trust me, if you’re training with all-out intensity, you won’t be able to do more.

Dorian Yates Training Style

I’m embracing this training style and starting to wonder why I got away from it. It does take a ton of mental focus to train this way. The intense workouts will get to you and you need to be conscience of your recovery time. I’m actually thinking of back off to 4 days a week of training. I’m used to 5.

I’m sitting here writing my blog a little after 2PM and I’m still feeling winded, which is crazy (my workout was done at around 6:15AM this morning). I can tell a huge difference already in every way. Intense workouts like this are indeed a bit shorter but you get so much more out of it.

Weekend of Mega Food

Alright, so I have to share my weekend of what I’m calling Mega Food! I’ll admit, I love food. It’s probably the reason I’ll never compete (I really have no interest in competing). My wife and I have a passion for mom and pop shops, especially authentic restaurants.

So I’ll share 3 places we went to this weekend:

Sally Oneal’s Pizza in Tampa – This is by far THE BEST pizza I’ve ever had!

El Puerto in Ybor City – This is our favorite place for churrasco¬†steak. It’s an Argentinean restaurant in the heart of Ybor City in Tampa and they have amazing churrasco steak with chimichurri as well as their own hot sauce they make.

La Creperia – On the main strip of Ybor City, there’s a little crepes restaurant we walk around the corner to after eating at El Puerto. Top notch place!

That’s it for this morning’s Dorian Yates chest and tris workout. And of course our weekend dining rendezvous. Now it’s back to the boring, bland foods for the rest of the week.

Train (and eat) with Passion,


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  1. After the 5×5 schedule I found it interesting to read about Dorian Yates style, which is yet another workout idea.
    So to get the idea right, you do a good warming up first (two sets or so?), and then 2 drop sets as heavy as possible to fatigue the muscle over the whole range in these 2 sets?

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