Train Beyond Failure

We hear the term training until complete muscle failure but I’m going to talk about something a little different; train beyond failure. This pertains to this Dorian Yates style workouts I’ve been doing. Two working sets, until failure.

When you train beyond failure you’re using the same principle but on that second and final working set, I often do a drop set. So once you’ve reached complete muscle failure, you drop it down and keep pushing. This takes your workout intensity to a different level.

Train Beyond Failure Workout

I’m going to give you this morning’s workout as an example. I trained chest and triceps. I didn’t use drop sets on every exercise but I did for the majority of them. This drop sets force you to train beyond failure. This is a sure way to boost your workout intensity.

◊ Bench Press: 2 x 9, 7

◊ Incline Dumbbell Press: 2 x 11, 8

◊ Hammer Strength Incline: 2 x 12, 9*

◊ Cable Flyes: 2 x 15, 12*

◊ Cable Pressdowns: 2 x 15, 11*

◊ Reverse Overhead Rope Extensions: 2 x 15, 12*

* A drop set was performed on the final set

Dumbbell Rack

Increasing Workout Intensity

Increasing workout intensity is the name of the game here. You’re only in the gym for a short amount of time so you have to make every set count. I believe this works mentally in your favor. You know you only have two sets, so you’re more apt to go all-out. This is a brutal workout program.

You essentially overload the muscle when you train beyond failure. And this is what it takes in order to grow. I’ve been on this workout program for not even two weeks and I’m noticing a big difference (and so are others).

Train Beyond Failure = Growth

My take on this is when you train beyond failure, you force your body into extreme muscle growth. Obviously your post workout nutrition, diet, rest and such play key roles here. Assuming that’s on target (or at worst, at least decent), you can expect to see substantial results in your physique.

I’ve also gotten stronger from training this way. Two sets until complete muscle failure is all that’s needed. I know some even say one set is all it takes but I’m not 100% sold on that. I could be wrong.

I plan to continue this two working sets Dorian Yates style workout for a while. My workouts are done in 45 minutes, give or take. I still do a little cardio after my weight training, but nothing exhausting. Just walking for 20-30 minutes on an incline, on the treadmill.

Train with Passion,


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