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As most of you know, I’ve ramped up my workout intensity. I realize we should all be training intense, but this workout program I’m on is different. Last week I posted a blog about training beyond failure. And that’s what this is; you push until you can’t push anymore, and then do more.

So far I’m almost two weeks into this workout program. It’s been tough but I’m loving it. I used this method and various other intense training methods, but I don’t know that I’ve ever trained this hard. And I’ve seen substantial changes in a short amount of time in both muscle size and strength.

Benefits of Increased Workout Intensity

Workout intensity triggers a few things, and I want to share why I’m an avid fan of it. For starters, you get strong, fast. You’re forcing yourself to push more weight. So what you would normally push for eight reps, you may find yourself getting 12 because you’re going beyond failure. In essence, you can do a lot more than you think you can.

Another element to workout intensity is you burn more calories. You sweat more and this increases your heart rate during your workouts. So you’re forcing your body to burn more fat by training this way.

As I mentioned, I’ve seen noticeable changes in both my body composition and my strength has gone up with the increased workout intensity. This type of workout program increases the size of the muscle and also helps burn off the fat.

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Taking Instant Knockout

I’ll soon be jumping back on Instant Knockout. Many label this supplement as a fat burner but it’s actually more than that. Yes, it does help boost your metabolism throughout the day. This is great for me because I sit most of the day at my job. But Instant Knockout is more of a conditioning agent.

I do cardio at least five days a week but my intense activities are mainly in the gym, lifting weights. But I plan to do more activities such as canoeing and kayaking as the warmer weather approaches. Yes, I realize we’re in the middle of winter, but I live in Florida so summer is right around the corner.

Jason’s Review – Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout also doesn’t give me the weird feeling many of the other fat burners give me (which is why I don’t take them). It keeps my energy levels stable throughout the day. You can read my full Instant Knockout review here:

Jason’s Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout Review session

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