High Intensity Leg Workout & Recovery

If you’ve been keeping up with my workout blog posts, you’ll see that I’ve recently gone from high volume training to high intensity training. I’ve been on this for a little over two weeks now. I want to share this morning’s high intensity leg workout.

First of all, I don’t want to say that high volume training isn’t as tough. It is because it requires you to continue pushing through set after set. But I will say that this high intensity training is in a league of it’s own. Especially with leg exercises. You simply lift until you can’t lift anymore, and then some. This exhausts the muscle, burns more calories, and can lead to a extreme muscle gains. Here’s my high intensity leg workout.

High Intensity Leg Workout

Warm Up Leg Exercises

Leg Extensions: 3 x 20
Leg Press: 3 x 20

The Workout

Leg Press: 3 x 9-13
Squats (plate-loaded): 3 x 9-13
Leg Extensions: 3 x 11-15*
Seated Leg Curls: 3 x 11-15*
Lying Leg Curls: 3 x 11-15*

* Drop set on final set

Warm Up Sets

You’ll see that I did a pretty thorough warm up before jumping into the high intensity leg workout part. Warm up sets are obviously important for everything, but in my opinion they’re especially crucial for leg workouts.

You can, or should be able to lift far more weight with your lower body. This also means there’s more risk of injury. So warm up sets are imperative. I keep the reps high on these to also get the blood flowing.

Big Quads Leg Extensions

Basic Leg Exercises

I stick with the basics when it comes to leg exercises. My choices are leg press, some type of squat, leg extensions, and a few different types of leg curls. I believe you can build a phenomenal set of wheels with just these leg exercises.

Post Workout Recovery on Leg Day

I want to touch on post workout recovery. Like warming up, this is another area that’s extremely important for working out in general. But I believe post workout recovery on leg day is especially crucial for muscle growth. Again, you’re working with heavier weights as your lower body is much more stronger and powerful than your upper body. If it’s not, then we have some problems that need to be addressed!

I typically have what I consider two post workout meals. I have a protein shake when I get home from the gym. About an hour later, I eat eggs with grits or oatmeal. However, on leg day, I up my carb intake for both of those post workout recovery meals. I’d say I add about 50 grams more than I normally would have between both of those meals. That may not sound substantial but it makes a difference.

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