20 Rep Sets, Deloading & Metal Workout Music

This week has been what I call deload workouts. I’ve been training with high intensity for several weeks now and I’ve been adding more volume on top of that.

So I’ll talk a little more about deloading and will also share this mornings leg workout consisting of 20 rep sets. I have something else exciting to share below at the end, so make sure you read to the end of this post. 

20 Rep Sets – Leg Workout

This morning I trained legs. I typically do more reps for legs, at lest 12. But I decided to do 20 rep sets this morning. I also didn’t rest as much between sets. This means I didn’t go that heavy. Here’s my leg workout:

Leg extension: 5 x 20
Leg press: 5 x 20
Standing leg curls: 5 x 20
Close-stance leg press: 5 x 20
Seated leg curls: 5 x 20
Stabding calve raises: 5 x 20

Deload Workouts

I want to touch on deload workouts again. Your muscles (and your entire body) take a beating with intense workouts. 

I’m not a big fan of taking long periods of time off from the gym. I would rather do deload workouts instead. This means less intensity and perhaps less volume. It could also mean less workout days for a week or so, which I’ll be taking the rest of the week off from weights (I’ll still do some form of cardio). 

Metal Workout Music

This is something new for TheMuscleProgram but certainly not new for me personally. Many of you may already know that I’m a musician/songwriter, and small time independent recording artist. And my genre is metal. In fact you’ve probably noticed that the music on my YouTube videos is my own. 

Last month I released my 2nd studio album called Heavy Metal Workout. It’s a 12 track instrumental metal album and it’s catered to the category of metal workout music. 

You can read more and there are links to iTunes and Amazon to purchase Heavy Metal Workout on the link below:

Click Here for Heavy Metal Workout

That’s a wrap and I hope all of you are having a great week so far! 

Train with Passion,


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