5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily

This is something I wish I had started being consistent with many years ago. But there’s no better time to start than now if you need to make changes to your daily routine in regards to overall health. So a couple of weeks ago I started drinking lemon water daily.

We all now the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This is imperative for hydration and to flush out toxins. And of course there are many other benefits to add to that. I’ve always been pretty good about drinking enough water but I wanted to add the many benefits of lemon water, and be consistent.

Benefits of Lemon Water

You can do a search on ‘benefits of lemon water’ and get several long lists of answers but I’m going to give you the high level benefits from my own perspective. I’m sure these will overlap other articles you may have read or will read. And I’m pulling this off the top of my head per some earlier research I’ve done.

  • Cleansing – Lemons are known to give your body a good cleansing. That goes without further explanation. And I would rather cleanse naturally as opposed to taking another supplement.


  • Helps with Digestion – This is important to those of us who take in a lot of protein. And it’s obviously important to have good digestive health in general.


  • Helps Reduce Inflammation – I’m in my early 40s now and all the lifting takes quite a toll over the years. It may be too soon to tell but I’m hoping my new daily regimen of drinking lemon water starts to kick with reducing inflammation.


  • Immune Booster – Lemons are said to help boost your immune system. I’ll up my intake during the times of the year when everyone else seems to get sick.


  • Energy – I’ve noticed more energy throughout the day since I’ve been drinking my lemon water. Another added benefit to having more energy is it gives your body the ability to burn more fat.

Benefits of Lemon Water Daily

Lemon Water Daily – Consistency

Consistency is something I’ve been preaching, well, consistently! All joking aside, we can’t expect the full realm of benefits to anything in life if we’re not consistent. This goes for working out, your eating habits, practicing something you aspire to be better at, and so on.

Since I spend most of my day in an office, I prepare my lemon water for the day in the mornings, as soon as I get home from the gym. I bought one of those bottles that have a container for lemons so I can keep filling up my bottle throughout the day. Granted, I get the majority of the lemon juice during the first serving. But there’s still some juice that gets mixed with the refills that follow (about 3-4 times).

On the weekends and when I’m home during the week, I’ll just fix a glass of water, squeeze at least one whole lemon and drop a couple slices of lemon in my glass. As you can see in the pic above, I work on my patio quite often.

I can honestly say I feel better overall since I’ve been drinking lemon water daily. It’s been a little over two weeks so I think I can call this a habit now. And this is one of those things that takes very little time to prepare. So I encourage you to try this if you’re not doing it already.

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  1. Thanks Jason,

    I trust your insight and honest advice. I’ll start tonight drinking lemon water instead of diet soda.

    • Hey Sean, thanks for being a part of my site. Yeah, I don’t think diet soda is good for us. I’ll be honest, I’ll have a soda maybe once on the weekends (Coke tastes much better when you haven’t had it for a while!). But this daily routine of mean water is something I’ll stick with. I prep it for me and my wife every morning. I’ve got a glass full as we speak!

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