Jason’s Supplement Stack May-June 2016

I haven’t posted my supplement stack for a while now. A most of you know, the types of supplements I take don’t change. It’s the brands that I may switch back and forth for a few supplements. The protein, amigos, vitamins and pre workout sups – those are my staples for my supplement stack.

You’ll see some of the same supplements here but I’m also taking one product that I haven’t taken in several years. For this post, I’ll break down everything I’m taking and also why.

Jason’s Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey

I’ve been taking this protein powder for many years now. I’ve tried different protein powders here and there but I always end up reverting back to Dymatize. For this stack, I have vanilla flavor and it’s their all natural version.

Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is another supplement that I’ve taken fairly consistently over the years. I’ll switch it out now and then with something else. I typically only take 1 pack daily with a meal (the label states that 2 packs is considered one serving). The bottom line is I feel better overall when I’m taking this.

Scivation Xtend

This is the supplement I’m back on that I haven’t taken in a few years. I decided to switch it up and go back to Xtend. I’m not sure if the formula has changed. But the one thing I like is that it includes glutamine in addition to the BCAA formula. I’ve always felt glutamine helped my recovery. I take Xtend twice during my workout (during my weight training and during cardio). And I also take it on the weekends, at least 1 serving.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is one of the few supplements that I promote (there are hundred I could promote but I’m extremely picky and will only promote something I take at least on a semi-regular basis). I’m not a huge fan of fat burners. Lately I’ve only been taking this on the weekends but I’m starting to take it consistently and will do that for about 8 weeks. I prefer Instant Knockout because it helps me get into better condition. You can check out my full experience by clicking here.

Nutrix Hemo Rage Black

I’m currently still on Hemo Rage for my pre workout. This is a newer formula. I think it’s as good as the original, for the most part. It definitely gives you that kick and sustainable energy. I’ve had to bump it up to close to 2 scoops. I have about a week’s worth of Hemo Rage left and then I’ll go to the pre workout below.

Finaflex Stimul8

Stimul8 is my favorite pre workout supplement to date. I get that surge and it lasts throughout my entire workout. This stuff comes with 40 servings and I never had to increase the dose (I take 1 rounded scoop). I can’t wait to start this again next week. I hope I get the same strong effects that I did the first time I took it.

Jasons Supplement Stack May June 2016

Basic Supplements

Well, that’s it for my supplement stack. This should last me through June and probably into July. I keep my supplement stack simple. The only semi-exotic element I’m adding is Instant Knockout. I take those types of supplements off and on throughout the year (more off than on).

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