5 Exercises for a Sculpted Chest

Building a big chest is fairly simple. Just throw in some heavy bench presses with barbells and dumbbell, eat, and grow. You’ll gain size and strength for sure. But what about defining your chest muscles?

Exercises for a Sculpted Chest

I’m going to share this morning’s workout and give you my 5 exercises for a sculpted chest. When I say sculpted, I don’t necessarily mean light weight with more reps.

That’s a misconception. I’ll cover this in detail and will share the exercises first followed by my recent chest workout using these exercises.



Incline Bench Press

The first of my 5 exercises for a sculpted chest is incline bench press. This may seem more like a mass building chest exercise but let’s take a deeper look.

Doing incline press builds the upper portion of your chest muscles. This shapes your chest allowing those muscles to hang over. This is an area that many lack so it’s important to sculpt your upper chest with incline bench press.

Chest Exercise - Incline Press Jason Stallworth

Supersets with Bench Press

The second of my 5 exercises for a sculpted chest is a bit unique. I’m combining supersets with bench press. This will exhaust your chest muscles for sure. I usually superset bench press with some sort of flyes.

In my workout at the end of this post, you’ll see how I use this exercise with another by doing supersets. It’s a burn like no other and will certainly sculpt and define your chest muscles.

Cable Flyes or Cable Crossovers

Any flye movement will help sculpt your chest but especially cable flyes (some call these cable crossovers, though I typically do not cross my hands on this exercise).

Cables flyes allow you to get a good stretch in your chest. You can also get better contractions by squeezing your chest muscles at the end of each rep. Do 12-15 reps of this and you’ll feel the burn.

Hamer Strength Chest Press

Any state-of-the-art gym and even most decent gyms have Hammer Strength equipment. My gym has  the chest press, incline, and decline. I often use the incline Hammer Strength Chest press.

This machine is plate-loaded so it’s like lifting free weights but without having to balance the weight. What this means is you can focus more on your chest muscles with Hammer Strength machines. That said, do focused reps by making sure you feel the muscle working during each rep.

Chest Exercises - Hammer Strength Incline 2


Many know dips as an exercise for triceps, and indeed they are. But dips are also a great exercise for sculpting your chest.

I generally do dips at the end of my chest workout. This exercise is included in my workout below as well.

Sculpted Chest Workout

I’m using the chest workout I did this morning as it consists of the 5 exercises for a sculpted chest, including sets and reps (sets x reps). You’ll also see how I integrate the second and third exercises I listed above using supersets.

  • Incline Bench Press: 5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 6
  • Bench Press: 4 x 10 superset with below exercise
    • Cable Flyes: 4 x 12
  • Hammer Strength Chest Press: 4 x 8
  • Dips: 5 x 15



You can work up to some heavy weight with incline bench press. The idea here is to build your upper chest and you do that by overloading the chest. You’ll also see where I superset flyes with bench press. You don’t want o go too heavy on bench press here, and it’s also a good idea to have a spot. It’s important to note that heavy weights also helps boost testosterone.

This workout using my 5 exercises for a sculpted chest can also be considered a high volume chest workout. I’ve become a big fan of high volume workouts. It allows you to pump more blood into the muscle and grow.

Try this workout on your next chest day. I would love to hear your thoughts. And I can guarantee your chest will be pumped and sore!

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