Sept-Oct Strength Supplement Stack

I’m excited to share my current supplement stack. I’m trying a couple new products that I’ve never taken before. And the results are noteworthy so far.

Like all of my supplement stacks, they’re centered around performance and recovery. There’s a strong emphasis on recovery. And I’ll often take something extra like a test booster of fat burner (this time it’s Prime Male).

Supplement Stack for Strength

Here’s a rundown of what I’m taking:

〉AllMax Whey Protein

〉AllMax AminoCore

〉Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

〉APS Mesomorph

Prime Male


I’m covering the basics of a pre workout energizer, aminos for recovery, protein, and vitamins. The two supplements I’m taking that I’ve never tried before are AllMax AminoCore and ASP Mesomorph.

New Pre Workout – Mesomorph

I’ll do an individual Mesomorph review once I finish the product. I’ve only been taking this for a little over a week. So far it’s great. In fact, it’s one of the best pre workouts I’ve taken in a while. But like most pre workout supplements, your body seems to get used to them over time. So we’ll see if it still has the same effect in a couple weeks.

AllMax Whey and Aminocore – Recovery

I’ve tried AllMax whey protein before and I like the results. AllMax is known as a premium brand so it’s a little more expensive. I normally take Dymatize Elite whey. But AllMax whey was on sale at Southern Muscle so I picked it up.

This is my first time taking Aminocore from AllMax. It’s tough to tell if one amino acid supplement works better than another. So far Aminocore has the effect that I expect from a quality amino acid. I have the sustainable energy during my workout and all. I’ll more than likely do an individual review on this later.

Prime Male Test Booster

As you may know, I’m still taking prime Male. I’ll be starting my 4th week. This is a natural test booster and is catered to men over 30 (I’m 11 years beyond that age).

I’ve been blogging my progress on Prime Male each Friday. You can catch my latest Prime Male post here.

Jason’s Supplement Stack Updates

As I stated above, this supplement stack for strength should carry me through the rest of September and most of October. I’ll have to by protein again before then as I go through 5 lbs about every 3 weeks.

Once I’m finished taking Prime Male I’ll probably switch over to TestoFuel. I just put in an order. I’ve always gotten great results with that test booster.

Train with Passion,


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