Prime Male Strength Training Week 4

I’d like to go over last week’s workouts from my Prime Male Strength Training series. This was my 4th week. I covered my current workout schedule last week in a blog post.  You can read here to get my full workout routine: Jason’s Current  Powerbuilding Workout.

I wanted to cover some highlights during week 4 of taking Prime Male.  This is the point in my new strength training routine where I’ve noticed some substantial changes.

Prime Male Effects on Strength

I’m going to cover some specific numbers here, which is something I normally don’t do. By no means am I boasting about my strength. There are guys much stronger than me! Strong is relative. And I don’t compare myself to others. The battle, as Rocky once said, is you against you. For me, it’s about how far I’ve come.

  • Bench Press – 375 lbs
    • Increased by 40 lbs
  • Deadlifts – 365 lbs
    • Increased by 55 lbs
  • Seated Barbell Press – 225 lbs
    • Increased by 30 lbs
  • Barbell Rows – 300 lbs
    • Increased by 25 lbs

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These are just a few numbers I remember off the top of my head. I didn’t truly max out before I started taking Prime Male (maxing out isn’t something I typically do). But I knew about where my limits were as far as how much weight I could lift for certain exercises.

Heavy Weights Lead to Gains

I’m not going to attribute all of my gains to Prime Male or any one-supplement. I’ve been lifting heavy. That alone will obviously increase your strength. But judging from my years of weight training experience, I can say Prime Male helped me break some plateaus.

I’ve noticed gains in explosive power. This is good for exercises like deadlifts. You need to explode off the floor to pull the weight up. It’s also helped my bench press numbers.

Prime Male Physique Enhancements

Lastly, I want to chat about my body composition since I’ve been taking Prime Male. This is strange but I’ve actually dropped a few pounds in body weight. Yet my strength has gone up. This is almost unheard of.

I have’t made amy changes to my diet, which is where you would expect weight loss or weight gain to come from. It probably has a lot of do with the extra energy exertion going heavy. Many people confuse heavy weights with the big, blocky look. But that’s no necessarily true. Remember, I’m also integrating some bodybuilding-style training as well.

I have noticed I’m looking a little more defined in these past 4 weeks. I’m happy about that. In the past when I’ve lifted for pure strength, I’ve gained a lot of fat. I’m assuming Prime Male helped.

* You can read my full Prime Make experience and get more info on where to purchase here.

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