Post Workout Meal with Pop Tarts?


For us gym rats the most important meal of the day isn’t necessarily breakfast. It’s your post workout meal. Well, every meal is important, but especially post workout.

I have a specific post workout shake I like make in my Ninja blender as soon as I get home from the gym. Protein powder with almond milk and fruit (bananas and berries). I had run out of fruit so I decided to make my post workout meal with pop tarts.

Protein and Simple Carbs Post Workout

Yes, I know. Pop tarts are loaded with sugar. They’re certainly not on the list for a typical bodybuilder diet. But we all know that protein and carbs are needed immediate after your workout if you want to gain muscle mass.

So why have a post workout meal with pop tarts? Well, they’re deemed as simple carbohydrates. These are the types of carbs needed once you finish training.

We know that post workout is the time you fast digesting protein with simple carbs. And the latter means sugar (it would be tough to find simple carbs without sugar).

So protein powder and a couple of pop tarts actually serve the purpose of a post workout meal.

Post Workout Nutrition

Your post workout meal is all about recovery. In fact, building muscle is about recovery. We don’t grow in the gym. Our rate of muscle growth is more dependent on rest and nutrition. Train the muscle, feed the muscle, and rest.

For the most part, we want healthy sources of protein and carbs. But post workout is the one time where you can load up on simple carbs, aka foods high in sugar. Especially if your workouts are intense. This is crucial for building muscle.

My post workout meal with pop parts on this particular morning resulted in 50 grams of protein and about 60 grams of carbs. The extra carbs came from the almond milk I mixed my protein powder with.

Now, this isn’t something I do all the time. And if you’re dieting for a bodybuilding or physique competition, your trainer may frown on this. But for the recreational bodybuilder, or if you’re off season, a post workout meal with pop tarts isn’t a bad way to go.

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