December 2016 Supplement Stack with Mind Lab Pro

We’re in mid-December so I’m a little late in posting my current supplement stack. But I want to share this with you because this is one of my best supplement stacks.

Of course I cover the basics; protein, aminos, vitamins, and pre workout. Those are standard supplements for me. But I’ve also added something for the mental edge: Mind Lab Pro.

Supplements that Enhance Focus

Most of our pre workout supplements help us get in that zone while we’re in the gym. They grant us energy and promote better pumps. But without the ability to hone in on that mind-muscle connection, those effects are limited and short-lived. That’s why we now see ‘focus’ on most of the pre workout labels.

Many of us need that extra edge outside the gym as well. This is where Mind Lab Pro comes in. Mind Lab Pro helps enhance focus, improves memory, and promotes clarity. This is something I need both inside and outside of the gym. You can read about my Mind Lab Pro experience here.

Jason’s December 2016 Stack

Alright, now for this month’s supplement stack! We’re in December 2016, and getting ready for Christmas. Along with buying presents I’ve also been stocking up on supplements. Here’s what I’m taking now:

  • AllMax AllWhey Protein
  • Universal Nutrition Animal Pak
  • Scivation Extend (90 serving container)
  • APS Mesomorph Pre Workout
  • Mind Lab Pro

I’ve been taking the AllWhey from AllMax for the past couple of months. I love this stuff as it doesn’t upset my stomach and I’ve actually gotten a little leaner from it. You can read my AllMax AllWhey review here.

I’m taking Scivation’s Extend Universal’s Animal Pak as part of my core stack. Like protein powder, these are necessities for me. I picked up the 90 seeing container of Xtend. I take 2 scoops during my workout.

MesoMorph from APS is my current pre workout. I had taken this a couple of months ago. I don’t recall what I had in between but  switched back to MesoMorph because I had such good results from it the first time I took it.

This 2nd round of MesoMorph doesn’t seem to have the same impact as the first time around. I’m not sure if it’s that body’s is used to it, or I got a weaker batch. I’ll be switching to something else soon as I just ran out of this stuff today. You can read my MesoMorph review here.

2017 Supplements

I’m excited to see what new supplements will be coming out in 2017. I’m all for new developments and innovation. But products like pre workouts, protein, and amino acids can only be so advanced. On that note, I wish we would turn back the clock a little to an old school mindset. Let’s go back to the core of what really works and what’s been proven, and maybe enhance the delivery methods.

I often wonder what Arnold and those guys did back in the 60’s and 70’s. At best, supplements were extremely limited. I know there were vitamins and amino acids (those things were like horse pills!). They still, however, had obvious results from just food and training hard.

We’ve come a long way with supplements. I’ll be the first to admit that I rely on them. It just makes sense that if taking something allows your to workout longer and harder, and gain more muscle, then why not take it? I accept it as part of this game!

Train with Passion,


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